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What we do

The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh’s mission is to empower men and women with significant barriers to employment through skill building and career opportunities.

We offer a 10-week tuition-free training program in masonry and carpentry, life skills courses, and social service supports. Students are matched with a career in a variety of trades or trade-related fields upon graduation.

Trade Skills

Fundamental training in masonry and carpentry skills that prepare students for work in a variety of trades or trade-related careers.

Life Skills

Life skills and social service supports help students achieve their full potential and build personal wealth. Classes include personal finance, life couching, math for the trades, resume and interview coaching, and driver’s license test preparation.


Students graduate from TIP with a career in a variety of trades or trade-related fields earning a competitive wage. We work closely with established employer partners in the region to match our students with a career best suited to their skills and interests.

Core Values

We believe in strengthening our students' careers and lives. Much like a masonry arch supports a structure, our values reflect the acronym ARCH and represent key components to building and growing the NEXT phase of our students’ lives and the NEXT phase of our organization.


We take responsibility for our actions and tasks and are open to learning and growing from our experiences.


We show respect at all times. We are mindful and respectful of others' opinions, values, boundaries, belongings, and time.


We are committed to our personal and professional growth, showing up, taking the initiative, making appropriate decisions, being persistent, curious, and responsible.


We are humble enough to accept constructive criticism and celebrate others' accomplishments. We are open to being part of something bigger than ourselves and instigating positive change in our communities and beyond.