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How it works

At TIP, students build a foundation of trade skills and life skills that helps them launch their careers. We bring not only career placement to our students but a path toward upward mobility.

Trade Programs

TIP students participate in a tuition-free 10-week masonry training. Qualified students interested in carpentry may transition to the carpentry program after completing five weeks of masonry.


The Masonry Program consists of hand-guided, competency-based masonry fundamentals, delivered by qualified industry professionals. Each participant receives 340 hours of training through a series of stations. Each step is increasingly more difficult with a steady pressure designed to increase the student’s skill level and develop confidence as he or she masters each station.


Towards the second half of the Masonry Program, those students with the aptitude and interest in advanced training can participate in our Carpentry Program. These students are vetted for the appropriate skill sets needed to excel in carpentry: excellent math skills, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. The primary method for developing these skills is the construction of a shed. Mimicking the principals of home-building, the shed project is a hands-on learning experience in which students are given instruction and practical application in measuring, cutting, and fitting lumber to standard building specification in the construction industry.


Along with masonry and carpentry, TIP students receive education in financial literacy, math for the trades, resume and interview coaching, and driver’s license preparation.

The Circle

At TIP, we start each morning in the Circle, offering gratitude, sharing stories and reflecting. The Circle is an important, positive sanctuary that we carry with us into our day.

Individual Life Coaching

TIP’s Life Coach works with each student for one hour per week. In these sessions, students set individual goals related to relationships, finances, health, etc. and are given a personalized plan to achieve those goals.

One-on-One Support

TIP’s Case Manager identifies all barriers to sustained employment for individual students and develops a set of goals and steps to eliminate those barriers through a holistic approach.