Why the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh Matters

The Hidden Costs of PrisonKeeping people in prison is expensive—both monetarily and socially. We see the impact in our taxes and feel it within our communities and within families. And the costs are increasing. As a society, we are just beginning to be aware of and understand the extent and
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Steve Shelton, Trade Institute Executive Director, Recipient of Civil Society Awards

In 2019, Trade Institute of Pittsburgh was recognized by the Manhattan Institute for advancing America’s long tradition of civil society through our work to improve and strengthen our community. As a recipient of MI’s $25,000 Civil Society Awards, and with the help of volunteers and private philanthropy, we will continue
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A Civil Honor: Pittsburgh Native Lauded for Nonprofit Trade School

Steve Shelton is being honored with the Manhattan Institute’s Civil Society Award PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE EDITORIAL BOARD – AUG 28, 2019 Hats off to Steve Shelton. The 58-year-old has been honored with the Manhattan Institute’s Civil Society Award for his work in creating the nonprofit Trade Institute of Pittsburgh. Ten
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