Thanks Marshalltown for Partnering with Us, Along with Generation T

The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh has a goal: to take students of all backgrounds and work experience from $0 to a liveable wage in less than 90 days. Over ten weeks, they’re introduced to a realistic work environment and learn from masonry instructors, counselors, and job placement specialists with one common goal: We encourage our students to rebuild their lives at the same time they rebuild the city.

The program celebrates its hundreds of graduates who have completed the program to become apprentices, team members, and leaders all over Southwestern PA and beyond. And it all starts with a very simple premise: We believe that the right tools in the right hands can help change the world.

Here, we’re teaching the fundamentals of construction trades and changing people, so that they in turn can create and contribute to a better life.

We can’t do it alone. And that’s why we’re so thankful that Marshalltown Company, Generation T and Lowe’s Home Improvement are part of the change.

They’ve given us a generous assortment of new tools. But more than that, they’ve given us something even more precious. They’ve given us more opportunity.