Steve Shelton interviewed on Manhattan Institute’s City Journal podcast with other Civil Society Award recipients

Howard Husock interviews four remarkable leaders of nonprofit groups who were recently honored as part of Manhattan Institute’s Civil Society Awards and Civil Society Fellows Program.

Manhattan Institute and City Journal have long sought to support and encourage civil-society organizations and leaders who, with the help of volunteers and private philanthropy, do so much to help communities address serious social problems. In this edition of the 10 Blocks podcast, Husock speaks with:

  • Luma Mufleh (2:00) is the founder and CEO of Fugees Family, an award-winning, national nonprofit organization and independent school network with a customized academic approach for refugee children. Mufleh is a 2019 Civil Society Fellow.
  • Reid Porter (18:25) is the founder and president of Act, Advocates for Community Transformation, a group which takes an innovative approach to creating safer neighborhoods in Dallas. Porter is a 2019 Civil Society Fellow.
  • Megan Rose (35:00) is the CEO of Better Together, an organization that strengthens communities by promoting work, protecting children, and supporting families in crisis. Rose is a 2019 Civil Society Award recipient.
  • Steve Shelton (51:30) is the founder and executive director of the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, an organization committed to working with those reentering society following incarceration as well as those who need a “hand up” to get their lives on track. Shelton is a 2019 Civil Society Award recipient.

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