Over ten weeks, students of all backgrounds and work experience are introduced to a realistic work environment that simulates job site tasks and working conditions in the building trades.

Our instructors, counselors and job placement specialists all share one common goal: to support students as they rebuild their lives, attain family-sustaining wages and rebuild their communities.

Here’s how we get it done:
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Life Skills
Tech Skills

Stability, Humility and Accountability

Stressing the importance and benefits of taking responsibility for your words and actions

Demonstrate the respect and accountability you wish to receive in the world.

Develop skills for time management, task prioritization, handling constructive feedback, dealing with conflict and setting expectations.

The job skills you need to succeed

Individual and small group instruction from general laboring to brick and block masonry

Learning how to lead and follow on standard project work

Frequent testing and demonstrations showcasing fundamentals and self-directed projects that can be translated to living wage jobs.

Job placement in a living wage

We help students understand the unique and valuable contributions that they can make to enhance their lives and communities

Minimum job requirements will be assessed and in a collaborative effort, we prepare you for interviews and job placement.

Minimum wages start at $15+/hr