Growing strong people – and ultimately, having them contribute to a stronger community – starts when they can earn enough to live comfortably on the wages of one job.

Employ | Living Wages


When they earn their first living wage paycheck, here’s how it potentially impacts each student:

  • Payment plans are set up (student loans, credit card debt and restitution) 
  • Fathers can resume child support payments
  • A car can be purchased after one month of paychecks
  • Savings begin for necessary work tools
  • A gym membership to begin self care is now affordable


When a second income is added to the home, here’s how it may impact the immediate family:

  • Quality of life (mental and physical health) improves when the family is together
  • Additional supports are available for children (child support and extracurricular activities)
  • Cost of living is attainable (rent, utilities, etc.)
  • Leisure activities as a family are now affordable (including vacation, educational field trips)
  • Father can participate in school/extracurricular activities, strengthening the parent-child bond
  • The family can now escape poverty, affecting mental and physical health, as well as prospects for children’s health

That impact can last for generations: 

  • A father with a job models the importance and dignity of work to his children, which they will then internalize as a core value
  • A two income household increases the ability to purchase a home and other assets leading to long term/inherited wealth
  • Knowledge can be passed down including financial literacy, self-care, healthy relationships, mentorship and volunteering, as well as soft skills to succeed in the workplace and in life


When a family has two incomes, here’s how it impacts their community:

  • More money is spent within the community
  • Children can participate in community events
  • Disposable income leads to home improvements and beautification
  • Fathers can be a role model to other kids (and adults) in the community
  • Fathers can now vote and be represented by their elected officials
  • Parents involved in the school holds teachers accountable, creating a better learning environment
  • Tax dollars are saved when men are no longer receiving government assistance


When a community grows stronger, here’s how it impacts our city:

  • The region becomes safer when fathers are in the home, as well as working and contributing to their community
  • The workforce is strengthened, making the region more attractive to outside development
  • Children have a greater chance of staying out of the juvenile justice system in a two-parent home