Foundational Program: Brick & Block Masonry and General Laboring

One Goal: $0 to Livable Wage in less than 90 days

Over ten weeks, students of all backgrounds and work experience are introduced to a realistic work environment at our Homewood campus that simulates 10-20 common sets of working conditions in the building trades. Masonry instructors, counselors, and job placement specialists share one common goal: encourage students to rebuild their lives at the same time they rebuild the city. The program celebrates its hundreds of graduates who have completed the program to become apprentices, team members, and leaders all over Southwestern PA and beyond.


skillsStability, Humility, and Accountability

  • Stressing the importance and benefits of taking responsibility for your words & actions
  • Demonstrate the respect and accountability you wish to receive in the world
  • Develop skills for time management, task prioritization, handling constructive feedback, dealing with conflict, and setting expectations
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foundationPHASE 2:

Hands on Skill Building

  • Individual and Small Group instruction from general laboring to brick and block masonry
  • Learning how to lead and follow on standard project work
  • Frequent testing and demonstrations showcasing fundamentals and self-directed projects that can be translated to livable wage jobs


Job placement in a Livable Wageplacement

  • Strength finding to help students understand the unique and valuable contributions they can make in any environment (personal & professional)
  • Minimum job requirements assessed (skills, transportation, etc.) and collaboratively solved with student in the lead position
  • Interview preparation and assisted job placement
  • Wages starting at $15+

Graduation is only the start. Follow on tracks:

Project RE

In collaboration with Carnegie Mellon’s Urban Design & Build Studio, a select number of graduates will pursue additional training in welding, metal fabrication and participate in a hands on program that joins future and current architects and inventors with TIP students to prototype next generation building products with reuse materials.

Entrepreneurs in Training

A nascent leadership program of ProjectRE_ for the most entreprenurial TIP graduates to help commercialize products using upcycled materials.